Space Scientists around UK welcome the new UK National Space Strategy

The Space Academic Network (SPAN), which provides a recognised voice of space scientists across the UK, warmly welcomes the recent publication of the National Space Strategy, issued by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. We are especially pleased to see strong support for science endorsed throughout this document and that it will become one of the four key pillars. The importance of our community as a key partner in the UK Space Sector is clear, pushing at the frontiers of discovery, driving technology and stimulating future capabilities. We therefore look forward to developing the role of our community in this effort, supporting a knowledge-driven economy, nurturing people and skills through training and securing UK’s future as a space science superpower.

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20 January 2022

Science Museum Space Seminar Series

Starting on the 25th of January, this series focusses on Asia with monthly meeting.

20 January 2022

7 Steps to SPAN the Gap

An article outlining steps to strengthen UK academia in the space sector to be published in Astronomy and Geophysics