SPAN operates an open membership to its working groups. Please contact to join one of the working groups. Membership of the SPAN board is outlined in the Terms of Reference for SPAN. The board comprises of the Chair of SPAN, the Chairs of each of the Working Groups, representatives of universities contributing to the funding of SPAN, and representatives of UKSA, government fund laboratories and UKRI.

Professor Andrew Holland (Chair of SPAN)

Chair of SPAN, Director, Centre for Electronic Imaging and the Space Strategic Research Area, Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes.

Professor Carole Haswell

Professor of Astrophysics and Chair to the Space Science and Exploration Working Group

Dr Stephen Hobbs

Chair of the Engineering and Technology Working Group, Director, Cranfield Space Research Centre, Cranfield University

Dr Nic Walton

Chair of the Data and Analysis Working Group, University of Cambridge

Dr Anna Hogg

Chair of the Earth Observation Working Group, University of Leeds

Professor John Remedios

Director, National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO), University of Leicester

Professor Christopher Mutlow

Director, RAL Space, STFC RAL

Dr Colin Vincent

Head of Astronomy Division and ESO Council UK delegate, STFC

Dr Andrew Lawrence

Head of Engineering, Capability Delivery, EPSRC

Dr Tom Doyle

NERC - the Natural Environment Research Council - is the UK's leading public funder of environmental science. Investing £330 million each year in cutting-edge research, postgraduate training and innovation in universities and research centres.

UKSA Growth Directorate

Members from the Growth Directorate in Industrial Strategy, Regional Growth, Technology or specific applications areas attend as appropriate.

Chris Lee

Former Chief Scientist/Head of Science Programmes, UKSA representative, now advisor to SPAN.

Representative of the Space Universities Network

One of the three co-Chairs of SUN attend the SPAN Board meetings

Dr Ewan Fitzsimons


Chairs of UKSA advisory committees

The Chairs of SPAC, STAC and EOAC are invited to attend the Board meeting

Representative of UK Space

Professor Mark Sims

Professor in Astrobiology and Space Instrumentation

Professor Kai Bongs

Director of the UK National Quantum Technology Hub in Sensors and Metrology, University of Birmingham and member of the Space Engineering and Technology Working Group

Professor Adam Amara

Professor of Cosmology

Professor Andrew Fazakerley

Director, Mullard Space Science Laboratory University College London and member of the Space Science and Exploration Working Group

Professor Neil Bowles

Atmospheric Physics Clarendon Laboratory Oxford and member of the Space Science and Exploration Working Group

Dr William Crofts

Director of Warwick Satellite Programme School of Engineering

Professor Richard Massey

Member of the Institute for Computational Cosmology

20 January 2022

Science Museum Space Seminar Series

Starting on the 25th of January, this series focusses on Asia with monthly meeting.

20 January 2022

7 Steps to SPAN the Gap

An article outlining steps to strengthen UK academia in the space sector to be published in Astronomy and Geophysics

20 January 2022

Science and Technology Committee

Submissions to the Science and Technology Committee's inquiry, UK space strategy and UK satellite infrastructure have been published UK space strategy and UK satellite infrastructure - Committees - UK Parliament