SPAN operates an open membership to its working groups. Please contact to join one of the working groups. Membership of the SPAN board is outlined in the Terms of Reference for SPAN. The board comprises of the Chair of SPAN, the Chairs of each of the Working Groups, representatives of universities contributing to the funding of SPAN, and representatives of UKSA, government fund laboratories and UKRI.

Professor Mark Sims, Chair of SPAN

Professor in Astrobiology and Space Instrumentation

Professor Kate Robson-Brown, Co-Chair of SPAN

Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Department of Engineering Mathematics; Professor of Biological Anthropology, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology; Director of the Jean Golding Institute, Jean Golding Institute

Dr Matthew Middleton

Chair of the Space Science and Exploration Working Group Associate Professor Astronomy, School of Physics and Astronomy Vice President of the Royal Astronomical Society (A)

Professor Stephen Hobbs

Chair of the Engineering and Technology Working Group Professor of Space Sensing and Systems Director, Cranfield Space Research Centre, Cranfield University

Dr Nic Walton

Chair of the Data and Analysis Working Group University of Cambridge

Dr Anna Hogg

Chair of the Earth Observation Working Group University of Leeds

Dr John Coxon

Deputy Lead of the Space Science and Exploration Working Group STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow at Northumbria University.


Chair of Space and Society Working Group

16 December 2022

Key Milestone in the SWOT Mission!

Congratulations to UK scientists involved in the SWOT mission which will launch tonight.

11 November 2022

Dual-Use Workshop 5th of December

SPAN has coordinated a workshop for its members to engage with Government (civil and defence) and UK Space to discuss opportunities for dual-use of technology, missions and applications. Outputs from the workshop will feed into a UK Space...